Adopt a bee family - allows you to enjoy the excitement and satisfaction of helping bee families, as adoptive hive parent.
Get connected with nature even when time and space don’t permit, being involved directly in the beekeeping managerial process.

Implemented Hives

200 / 760

Necessity of Green

Apiaries Clusters 

Bee Eco-Products


“If the bee disappeared off the face of the Earth, man would only have four years left to live”. (Maurice Maeterlinck – “The Life of the Bee”  1901)

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Steps to Get Started

At the start of Token Sale, the sell walls will go live for both Waves and Bitcoin, on Waves’s blockchain DEX.

Get APIS tokens

Purchase your tokens to access our products.


Contract an Adoption Plan

Lock in your Adoption Plan.


Manage your Bee Families

Start taking care your adopted bee families.


Contract your “cloud mining plan”
and you can adopt a
bee family.


Depending of your involvement plan,
your bee families products
will be shared.

Manage your Hive

The platform will offer you direct
access and customization to your
Hives and your eco-products.

APIS vote

The adoptive parents can decide
the future managerial decisions
for bee families development.

Develop your Hive

Choose your development plan for
the first 3 year stage and prepare
a strategy for another 3 year stage.


Option for our clients to have
their personal honey webshop and
trading their products.

Adoption plan / product shares

The apiary adoption plan have three levels of involvement :

Basic Account

1-9 Bee Hives adopted – sharing 1 kg of honey per month (limited interaction with the hives management and with the platform)

Business Account

Over 50 Bee Hives adopted – sharing 50% production, different types of honey, access to all products from the bee family, 25% bee family growth (Bee Hives Management, platform access).

Premium Account

Over 10 Bee Hives adopted – sharing 50% production, one type of honey (Bee Hives management, platform access)


For each shopkeeper,APIS Team will offer in the initial phase (3 years) parcels in relation 1:1:1. The initial adopter, after 3 years, will have 3 parcels and the possibilities to have his Bee Family extendedx3.


Meet Apis Team
Ciprian Farcas

Ciprian Farcas


Florin Ancau

Florin Ancau


Adrian Farcas

Adrian Farcas

APIS BDD Operational Manager

Popa Mihai

Popa Mihai

Web/Platform Lead Dev

Racz Alexandru

Racz Alexandru

Development Engineer

Adelina Nicolăescu

Adelina Nicolăescu

Carpenter Workshop Manager

Doru Gherban

Doru Gherban

Beekeeping Advisor / Operational Manager

Romica Iacobescu

Romica Iacobescu

Beekeeping Advisor / Apiaries Manager

Karina Virvoni

Karina Virvoni

Eco-Lab Department

Radu Miclea

Radu Miclea

Visual Content Creator

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