The locking process has started …

To define the alpha colony number of hives, we’ve started the APIS Token locking process for the APIS Adopters community.

Because the adoption process is an annual contract, also first phase of alpha colony development architecture is a 3 years projection, we defined a locking system that is in direct relation with the hives adopted and multiplied according with the development architecture.

Thereby, to know the adopted hives numbers, to link the adopters with their hives and ensure the raw materials shares (or APIS Token revenue), we will use APIS Mellifera Token

(Token ID: 2qQG5SV3F25oMynbyctS8PzBtpVUSqtvxPYLeHbVkxKA )

in relation 1:1 with the hives adopted.

Each APIS Mellifera token will keep the value of a hive and all APIS Mellifera tokens in circulation will provide the exact number of hives adopted.

For Alpha Adopters, in the first APIS Token year, each hive worth 30k APIS Token locked – adopters will receive 1 APIS Mellifera Token for each of their adopted hives (physical or virtual ones). Counting the multiplying strategy, in the second APIS Token year, each Alpha adopters will receive one hive, also will receive 1 APIS Mellifera Token (also available for future multiplying strategies).

The Official Wallet for the locking process is : 3PJmtyz5zB1rzbFvKpjY7ssvDqqcjd15UYx. For each 30k APIS Token received, we will send back 1 APIS Mellifera Token (which includes the rights for one hive). In the second year, each adopter that sent 30k , will receive back 10k APIS Token and 1 APIS Mellifera Token (this will be applied for year 3 in the same manner).

Each initial Apis Mellifera Token (from first APIS year) will be linked with future APIS Mellifera Tokens that will come from the multiplying strategy (in year 3, each adopter will have, for one hive, one initial APIS Mellifera Token and another 2 APIS Mellifera tokens that are linked with the first one – this 3 APIS Mellifera Tokens will define an Alpha Colony place that can be traded using Adopter Rights Auction (will be open on DEX).

Each APIS Mellifera Token is related directly with the adopter wallet and also with one physical hive (that is registered physically at the local authorities, with serial number).  In a future article will be defined the Terms and the Conditions of Adopter Rights Auction.

Your place in Alpha Colony brings you the benefit of honey for life, growing in number and in quantity year by year.

What will be your price to sell this? Considering that APIS Mellifera Tokens include the rights for a specific hive in a specific colony (Alpha, Beta or Gamma), adopters will have the option to sell their hives rights on the Auction, passing their Alpha (Beta or Gamma) Colony rights to others.

Process of locking, for Alpha Colony Adopters, will be open till 25 December 2018, each 30k APIS received will generate one hive (physical or virtual) into your platform account.

To join our adopters team,

we are waiting you on Waves Dex

and, from 16 November, on Folex.