There are different types of APIS accounts.

Here is a short description and sharing for each of them:

# Basic Accountt Premium Account Business Account
Honey Share 1kg/month 50% honey production, one type of honey 50% production share:Honey, wax, pollen, royal jelly, venom etc.
Voting System included included included
Apiculture Course + Diploma paid included included
Hives Visits none 1 / year 2 / year
Platform access limited access Managerial access Managerial access
Bee Growth Rate max 8% / year max 15% / year 25% min / year *
Pastoral Clusters not guaranteed not guaranteed earlier access
Luxury Honey Clusters not guaranteed not guaranteed earlier access
Wax no no yes
Pollen no no yes
Jelly Bee no yes yes
Bee Venom no no yes
Token Physical Emission not guaranteed promotional access earlier access
Raw Materials Tokens (Limited SALE) invitation invitation earlier access
Hives number Architecture +1 / year +1 / year +1 / year
Unlock APIS Tokens 10 k / year (year 2 and 3)–see details below 10 k / year (year 2 and 3)–see details below 10 k / year (year 2 and 3)–see details below

Please see more details below (each one below is also a characteristic of each type of account already explained at the beginning of the article):


Voting system – Each 30k APIS Token (each hive) will be carrying 1 Vote (for 10 Hives adopted you will have 10 Votes);


Bee Growth Rate – If total growth rate = 42% => 25% – business adopters; 15% premium adopters; 2% basic ones. If rate = 53% => 30% – business; 15% premium; 8% basic accounts;


Pastoral Clusters – First pastoral cluster will offer a percent from pastoral hives, to be reserved (more quantity of honey), to each business adopter;


Luxury Honey Clusters – Manuka (1 kg > 100USD); Rhododendron Flower honey (Mad Honey – 250g >100 USD);


Token Physical Emission – Each physical token that will be emitted will have coverage in honey (specific amount). Each physical token emitted has a related cryptic token blocked forever (with the safety elements that correspond to each token, locked in the blockchain);


Raw Materials Tokens (Limited SALE) – after APIS will demonstrate its concept, our team will link more raw materials with crypto -> first step: viper venom – next year will start the pre-feasibility study & land product: lavender (lavender essence – perfumes/cosmetics);


Hives number Architecture

– after year 3, each Hive from first adopter phase (that have now 1 hive + 1 hive second year + 1 hive third year) will be the First hive in a new colony with growth rate +1 / year for the next period, year 4 – year 6;

– 1st year APIS will share 1 hive (box) + 1 parcel (2m x 2m) + 1 Bee family. From the 2nd year APIS will share 1 hive (box) + 1 parcel (2m x 2m). The adopter will have the option to exchange APIS token for 1 new bee family.


Unlock APIS Tokens

– only in the first 3 years. In the years 4 to 6 the 10k APIS Tokens blocked will be split in 3: 3333/each hive that will be the starter in a new colony -> in year 6: 3333 APIS Token will worth 3 Hives;

– starting from year 4, 10k APIS will remain blocked.