Apis Token Lottery ticket system change :

  • Starting from the 1st of Jully we will give 1 Ticket for each Waves leased to our pool.
  • We will give a compensation to everyone who leased minimum 100 Waves and didn’t win a prize, the compensation will be: 100 Apis Token / Waves address.


                 APIS POOL WINNERS 01.07.2017
1st  🏆 3P58L3NJyBSwXUqW8DZ3kjpFMtCWPiUg961  🏆
2nd 🏆 3PCxbrqJytunr7PFyTHJDY92RWaTqRxaBqU    🏆
3rd  🏆 3P34BDPYQZ4eB6jN1Ab3c2NEQijSBFw3G21  🏆
4th  🏆 3PD12TbTxVBp9fqiQreHFJJJWd9tVMb8mdZ    🏆

Pool Info : https://apismellifera.io/apis-pool/

You will need to keep the Waves leased for a full month to qualified for the lottery

Each leasing Waves address can win a maximum of 2 prizes/month

Lottery winners will be drawn on the 1st day of every month

For “mining” Honey you don’t need GPU, asics or other hardware

All you need is Waves tokens and our pool.