The time for liquid gold has come. We are delighted to announce first deliveries, sending to the earliest 200 adopters their honey shares ( The honey types that were sent, are : linden, colza and Polyfloral :…polyfloral-honey/


In this way, we want to announce an a contest: all adopters that will receive APIS Honey, are invited to post some pictures with APIS honey jar (1 kg ). More info:


As main goal of our project, bringing honey in different parts of the world, on your table, was not an easy task, but we’ve succeeded to make it possible this year, with all adopters support, and, we want to show our appreciation again, for their trust and their constant help. Project history in images can be found here:


With the support of our community, we’ve succeed to implement this year our first 200 “living miners”, that are generating honey shares. We’ve also implemented the risk management cluster (20% extra hives) with the intention to cover any existent or future risks.


With a total of 710 hives adopted in Pre-Sale/Sale, our Alpha Colony hives are divided in physical ones (that are generating honey shares) and virtual ones (that are generating APIS Token shares).


To understand the frame of actual physical/virtual situation and also the future physical implementation, we will define APIS Token year, considering October 2018 as first month, and September 2019 as last month of first year.


The implementation process for the rest of Alpha colony hives will start, again, in spring of 2019, on the first harvesting season (rape season) and will take several weeks (time preconized to finalize the Alpha colony implementation in June/July), offering the possibility for all adopters to taste their fresh honey.


For the adopters that have chosen to have already implemented hives, we will deliver the honey shares 2 times / year, after the harvesting seasons (after April and August) and will be per types of adopter account (Basic, Premium or Business Adopters).


“How much honey can I expect then in April?”. First 3 months were covered in honey with the actual delivery and, from January, we will update the status during harvesting seasons. In April we will have first harvesting, colza (rapeseed), and will be at least 1 kg/month (if you have premium or business adopter account, we will deliver the half quantity that was harvested, and, also, for business adopters another raw materials as pollen, wax, honey combs or others).


For the virtual hives adopters, the payment of the shares (in APIS Token) will be made quarterly, and the token amount will be calculated taking in consideration the average of APIS Token price for that quarter (in USD) and the average price of honey on the food market (in USD).


Starting from March/April, as soon as new hives/new apiaries will be implemented, we will allocate physical hives for all alpha adopters with virtual hives, allowing to all adopters the possibility to have his honey, and also his physical hives adopted.


From October 2019 (start of second APIS Token year of development) , we will start allocate the second hive for each alpha adopters, also, we will start Beta colony, for the ones that will support our project and will want to adopt hives in the second colony.


Our work at the platform is almost done, and soon our adopters will have access to hives management/warehouse features. To explain some of our ideas, please check : ‎


We invite you to taste APIS Token honey products at our online shop: . Each sell will be allocated for our bee families development, to cover them any needs.