Until now, we succeeded to link more than 750 bee families with adopters all over the world, having the main goal to improve the quality of bee life, ensuring freshness to the global food market through our project.

After one and a half month, total funds collected for APIS Token Project were:

– 36.151 Waves,

– 1,71 BTC,

– 31,42 ETH,

– 118 LTC,

– 3.587 WCT,

– 88 Monero,

– 0,11 DASH and

– 0,03 Zcash.

Our APIS community choose (through voting system) one of the economical directions of the project to be implemented after the sale:

– burn: 57% of unsold tokens (32,823,649 Apis Tokens were burned);

– airdrop: 10% million APIS Token for Apis Token holders (5,758,839).

– this was our decision: 33% will be used to pay if someone doesn’t want to take the honey (19,004,171)

In Sale period, were given 414.300 Apis Tokens as a compensation for the marketing part – Bounty Program.

We want to thank everyone, for the huge support from whole APIS and Waves communities, that bring higher standards in terms of transparency and disclosure for a project focused to demonstrate the real value of the crypto-economical leverages.

Overall, APIS Token is a young and dynamic project, that will open new possibilities to crypto-economical knowledge.


Special Thanks to : hawky , Mr Turtle, mentalist, Lenn Art, Terricepo, deepred, tehMoonwalkeR, Roman Inozemtsev and Waves Team.