In spring of 2018, through APIS Project, we aimed to bring novelty and palpability for crypto community, offering other ways to bring real value and make it stronger. In our road till today, we’ve met amazing people with whom we succeeded to build a strong community, who was our guide and our advisor in good and bad weather. We want to thank you again for all the efforts that were made to arrive on the Alpha Colony launching ramp, and we are anxious to face the future challenges.

With Bee Hive Auction, we want to enlarge our adopters team, making available in the next 4 weeks, more 15 accounts: 10 Basic Accounts with one Bee Hive per account, 4 Premium Accounts with 10 Bee Hives per account and 1 Business Account with 50 Bee Hives.

Auction Rules

  1. The prices are in fiat, just to have an anchor in fiat, the final payments will be made in crypto currency (Waves or BTC), by the winner of the Auction, at the exchange rate from the last day of Auction, for the pairs: BTC/USD, Waves/USD. If the winner is not eligible to make the payment in 24h, the second place of the Auction will be offered with the account that he was bidding. 
  2. Each account offered is a one time offer. If the account was not bided, at the final of Auction timer, the APIS Token amount offered for adoption process will be retreated from the market.
  3. Each account offered have different Auction Timers: Basic Accounts: 2 accounts in week 1, week 2 and week 3, 4 accounts in week 4; Premium Accounts: 1 account per week; Business Account: 1 account for 4 weeks. 
  4. Auction timer will start at 2 PM (GMT) on 30.11.2018.


APIS Team wish you all Happy Holidays!