BeeHive Beekeeping platform v.01 release.

We are delighted to announce the first release of BeeHive Beekeeping platform (please visit, a digital environment that will be the bridge between bees requirements, necessities and results of community efforts to improve the beekeeping sector. Through our adoption services, each participant will be able to be part of our bee ecosystem, contributing to bee families wellbeing.

On the early stages, to access our platform need to be already an adopter.

Attention, to register on our platform, each new register need to provide a wallet that already have at least 1 HIVES token (token ID: 2yB8UXQPe7ufGoGgXMRzQkKehoVdnjtQmSQQSQipJk6b).

At step two, the wallet declared will be verified through a BHV payment (15 BHV Tokens) – amount need to be sent from declared wallet, to have the account confirmed.

After the payment was made, please click the NEXT button and the account will be created.

In the course of 24 hours, BVH Team will set your account, allocate your hives, adding platform access to different modules.