Have you ever wondered what is the bees secret weapon? Well, if a bee were a superhero, its sight would be its super power.

There is a fairly large difference between how people and bees see. Humans base their color combinations on red, blue and green, while bees base their colors on ultraviolet light, blue and green. This is why bees can’t see the color red, they see black instead. Also, their ability to see ultraviolet light gives them an advantage when seeking nectar. The bee’s favorite colors, according to scientists, are purple, violet and blue. Bees also have the ability to see color much faster than humans. They don’t have trouble distinguishing one flower in a group from another, as we may have; they see each individual flower.

Regarding to this topic, it is very important to be very careful when choosing to dye bee hives for several reasons. Every decision relating to bees and their home must be made in order to protect them.

The main reason why it is advisable to paint your hive is to protect the material from which it is made. There are a number of factors such as sunlight, rain, temperature fluctuations and many others that can be harmful. Exposing for a long time to these factors can cause rotting wood and implicitly destroying the hive, which means bee loss.

All the interior parts of the hive are best left untreated — no paint, no stain, no polyurethane, and no varnish. Keep the interior (where the bees live) as naturally as possible.

It is also very important how we choose the colors for the hive. For example, if we want to paint the hive in dark colors, such as black or brown, it’s not such a good idea, because during the summer, dark colors attract sunlight, which causes an overheating of the hive, making it uninhabited. On the other hand, in hotter climates, painting hives white or another reflective color keeps the hives cooler during the warm summer months.

In addition, if you choose to adopt more of a hive, their painting will help distinguish them from the others. However, it is advisable to choose a simple and similar design for all hives to be as easy as possible for the bees to recognize them.

It is important to note that all the materials used for the design of hives are very carefully selected because our main purpose is to have the happiest and healthiest bees. Basically, there will be used water based paints. Each hive model and every idea in part will be discussed with our designer to get together the best decision for you as well as for the bees. Each hive will be hand-painted without using an automatic process, so there is the possibility that some ideas can’t be put into practice if they are too complex.