APIS project is growing bigger and stronger! Our team is working harder than resting, so we added a new location on the list of places where the bees will live.

Vizma village is part of Secas village, being  located in the northeastern part of Timis County, close to the border between Timis and Arad counties. The area is relatively isolated, poorly populated, away from the most important communication routes, therefore the pollution level is extremely low, making the locality a perfect environment for the development of the apiary. The village is located about 30 km north of Lugoj and about 70 km northeast of Timisoara.

Due to the geographic location of this village, both the diverse landscape with low and medium hills and the climate of the area make it a place of interest in the growth and breeding of bees. Climate is temperate continental, so it has a major advantage. Thus, the winters are mild and the summers are not droughts with extremely high temperatures, both of which are extremely important aspects, perfect for the bees.

The vegetation of Secas is spontaneously and naturally grown, without pesticide interventions, and offers a wide range of flowers and plants, both extremely needed in bee nourishment. It consists of forests, meadows, meadow vegetation, trees and agricultural crops. In the forests are the acacia and the lime trees, on the hills and pastures we can find shrubs and stands, such as the mistletoe, the hawthorn, the cane wood, the macaw and the bush. There are also numerous medicinal herbs such as chamomile, yarrow, St. John’s wort, dandelion, mint and elderberry. Furthermore, all the localities of Secas are lined with silver linden and fruit trees.

All of these represent the main reason why we chose Vizna village. But it’s not the only one. Another big and important causes are the involvement of the APIS team in improving the quality of life in the Secas area and the diversification of the rural economy, the development of agro-tourism within Secas commune, attracting funds for other activities for rural development, diminishing the global imbalances regarding the disappearance of bees and also the preservation of natural heritage. In conclusion, all of this represents an asset, both for us and for bee lovers, as well as for the entire Vizma community.

All our efforts would not have been possible without the unlimited help of the mayor of Secas, Simion Pop, the deputy mayor Suciu Lavinia Vasilica and the local council, who bolster us in all the project activities by offering us both the location and support in the development of agrotourism in the area, and this way we want to thank them. A lot!

We can say that all the stars have aligned to our advantage, but you do not have to take us at our word, that we have discovered a „gold mine”, you have the proof below.