To connect the adopters from all over the world, with the local physical hives, we defined a platform application, as an interface, to facilitate the connectivity between all involved parts in the adoption process.

Application concept will be a friendly-user interface, that will connect the physical implanted hives with the ones from the platform, offering a unique experience in the path to become a beekeeper.

The platform offers an overview about honey quantities and available tokens, facilitating direct link between Bee Families, Hives Adopters and APIS Team.

Through multi-devices compatibility, the platform can be accessed from any type of device, offering an administrative panel for your hives. This will provide different statistics about your adopted hives and will give you rights to take decisions about your hives, like: your honey quantity, choosing what to harvest (different other types of raw materials as wax, pollen etc), when to withdraw your honey and other features that will be developed for a better way to care the bees.

Stay tuned for the platform functionalities release.