Apismellifera Q&A

How can I participate to the project?

Please see the steps below:
1: You will need to have a Waves Wallet . You can download yours here: https://wavesplatform.com/
2: You will need to have your Waves Wallet funded with either Waves or Bitcoin .
3: On 1st May our sell walls for Apis Token will go live on the Waves Decentralized Exchange (DEX) which you can access in your Waves Wallet.
4: Confirm Apis Token asset ID matches: EvN8cvuGKC2t1PA8ZEsgJth3paenSP4UAd8Z6K14z2P4 – to avoid any possible fake coins by the same name appearing on the DEX.
5: Place your BUY order.
Guide on how to buy: https://goo.gl/aFeQ2o

Is there any bonus for WCT community?

Yes, there is an airdrop Apis Tokens to WCT community.

Can you be more specific on the Project APIS idea?

Project idea was to start a minicluster with pastoral, to have at leat one apiary that can be moved in order to harvest specific honey. But, the idea remained for the Beta colony (or , if the target will be achived, we can make one pastoral apiary).

Can you give me a description of your Apis Project?

So… the really short plan would be something like this:
In order for our generation to actually save the planet
– one of the things we MUST do is Adopt some bee families
– then we need to build a perfect place for them to live
– then we need to manage them very qualitatively(food, air, water, everything they need has to be high quality)
– then we can breed them more, and take them anywhere the land need natural organic pollination
– we will be able to remotely ‘play with them’, name them, organize them and also watch them LIVE on CCTV
– after all this, I am confident that the bees will offer us some quality products in return, as a gift for taking care of them
– products that we will share together with community and also we’ll R&D and develop more high quality organic/natural products on our APIS Eco-Lab
APIS: a community project, a shop, an eco-lab.
Each adopter will be part of our community, our goals are the same, we will construct together this business.
Other quick details:
Project name APIS beechain
Token name and ticker symbol APIS Token – APIS
Used blockhain Waves
Token supply 100.000.000 APIS
Reissuable NO
One line catch phrase APIS: Adopting bees and developing a community project, a shop, a ‘node’, an eco-lab.
Token Distribution “For Public Sale: 80.000.000 (20.000.000 pre-sale)
APIS Mellifera Foundation: 7.500.000
APIS Team SDD: 5.000.000
APIS Team BDD: 5.000.000
APIS Pool Lottery: 1.000.000
Airdrop to WCT holders: 1.000.000
Bounty Program: 500.000”
Country of origin Romania, E.U.
Official channels:
E-mail : contact@apismellifera.io
Telegram: https://t.me/apismelliferaio
Website: https://apismellifera.io
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/apismellifera.io/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/APIS_Token
Medium: https://medium.com/@apismellifera.token
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/apismellifera.io/
Reddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/apismellifera/
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/apismellifera-io/
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8qYLA42O2XiLeeltbzNiwQ
Roadmap: https://apismellifera.io/roadmap/
PRE-Token sale start date and time(UTC) 1 May 2018
PRE-Token sale end date and time(UTC) 15 May 2018
Token sale start date and time(UTC) 15 May 2018
Token sale end date and time (UTC) 15 June 2018

What can I do with the token, as I see you have also interesting products?

► Access our products.
► Contract an adoption plan.
► Lock in your adoption plan.
► Manage your bee families.
► Start taking care your adopted bee families.

What kind of marketing and promotion do you have planned?

Because we use Waves Platform and DEX for our Sales, we are very focused on Waves community for our marketing in Pre-Sale. The price in Pre-Sales is a bonus for Waves holders.

What is the price for a hive?

30.000 Apis Token.

What types of accounts exists?

Basic Account – 1-9 Bee Hives adopted; Premium Account – 10-49 Bee Hives adopted; Business Account – over 10 Hives adopted. (1 Hive is 30.000 APIS Tokens) (please see Whitepaper for more details).

What do you share through your Project?

Depending of the adoption plan, for example for Basic Account, 1 kg honey per month (1 kg / month / hive – example: 3 hives = 3 kg / month). You can find more details on the whitepaper about every account.

If I adopt one hive, you will ship a monthly dose of honey to me?

Yes, monthly or how you will want to withdraw your products.

How the adoption will work?

Wen you adopt a bee family, you will have to deposit the tokens in our platform. When you buy from DEX you buy just the token.

How can adoptive parents invest resources in this project? Can we use FIAT?

Please see details below, and check Whitepaper for more details:
“*Disclamer at the end of the Whitepaper:
All USD prices shown in this whitepaper are for price orientation only. We only work with cryptocurrency, therefore any FIAT will be converted at exchange rate from the platform where it can be purchased, only with Bitcoin and Waves).
Presale – Sell walls will start at approximately USD $0.012 Per Apis Token (at 01-May-2018 echange rate). “(Whitepaper)
Sell – Walls will go live from 15 may 2018 until 15 June 2018 at the price of 20% more applied to the pre-sale price in crypto currency (at 1-May-2018 echange rate).

At what stage are we currently according to the 7-stage plan from the whitepaper?

We are in stage 4 process and we already started the stage 5 process because of the time limits (we need to implement the hives as soon as possible to have strong bee families prepared for winter). The carpenter workshop started today (2 May 2018) to produce new cases and, till final of the week hope will have first hives implemented.

What happens after 3 years of locked APIS Token?

After 3 years, when the colony will reach maturity, for the adopters this achievement in that period without the tentation to withdraw APIS Token locked (because the prices, for sure, will fluctuate), we will offer another development architecture (for example : Manuka is originary from NZ, but is growing at London and Craiova (Romania) too. So, why not offer the possibility to have some hives in that Manuka plantation? (till the 3-rd year, we will have time to develop manuka plantation). And, 1 pure manuka honey has another price on the market.

Can you adopt a new hive at any time?

No, this will define our adopters: as we said in  the whitepaper, the project has limitations: if the target 5 is achieved, we will have maximum 1300 + 300 + 20% risk management cluster (this is not for adoption, just to cover any unknown risk).

Will the bees ever be transported to fields for pollination or will they always remain in the two areas that you have highlighted?

Depends of the site location. For example, in Gorj location (Romania), bee families have flowers and plants from march till september (flowers, crops). At some submountain areas (Hateg), flowers appears later, in april, and, for this area, we will need a pastoral cluster (to harvest more honey, long period), to cover more period of year.

How long does one hive live?

Normally, they are naturally replacing the population from period to period. One hive can live forever if they are cared (especially in winter season). Each bee has a life cycle (passing through each bee work). We will post some short articles, about bees life, because are really special hive organisation, queens battles, dancing behaviour etc. A high risk to loose bee families is in harvesting period, when the families can attack each other (the bees with harvested hive want to fill asap their food reserves, and they are attacking another hive that is full with honey, and, if no beekeeper there, can be bad).

How many bees does an hive usually have?

In winter about 20k, in summer : 60k-80k and just one queen.

How can I adopt the hives if I have APIS token?

You will have to wait for the website to allow locking the hive (first year – 30.000 APIS Tokens)

Will the shop be for APIS token exclusive? Are the information from the APIS Shop updated?

All products can be exchanged only with APIS token. In a short time we will present a new version of APIS products in the platform. For the moment the prices are not updated. The products there are just for information, to take a look at some products (will be more products, but we are working on this).

How much is the price to customize a hive?

We will have some different tuning kits (design ones), with fix price (a basic price in APIS) , and, if you want something special, the price is starting from the basic one and can go up. We will talk with our artist, to establish the final price for his work.

Why is APIS project so important?

A:(from one of our supporters/adopters) I see it like this: I could just buy the token, sit back and wait for you to do all the stuff … But I also could invest a little time and effort to push this project a little .. there are tons of things you can do to help a project or its community .. you see what happens in this group.. people write articles, share pictures and tweets, notify there friends and followers … people do this because they think its the right thing to do … and at the end I think this is what crypto is all about: get rid of the one-direction-relations .. we can all work together, everybody puts in what he can effort and at the end we all will profit
A: Crypto can help us to stay connected, we can integrate this great tech into real world and we can improve the quality of the life for every person in a decentralized way.

All early adopters will become a alpha hive and in the second year they will becone 2 will you create other token that we can sell 1 of them or something this side i dont understand bit confused?

If You are Alpha Colony adopter You Will have the.option to sell Your place in Alpha Colony at AUCTION (in second year , the place worth 2 hives and 20k locked) . You cannot sell one of Your hive because You Will dismount the architecture (You cannot be Alpha adopter with one hive in year 3). If You do not prefer to sell Your place in Auction and If You need to go out fast from adoption, IT Will be the possibility to renounce and Will receive the rest of APIS that are still locked at that time for Your hives.

What is adoption architecture?

A1: The adoption architecture is like a crypto miner but, here we bring the value, as an old wine. The revenue will grow as time pass. Your Alpha colony place will have a separate value that cannot be fixed (because Alpha places are limited). After year 3, another development architecture will be applied (and gamma adopters will need to wait 3 years to arrive in that point)

A2: Architecture hives are paired with initial hives and have to be sold together.

So the difference between alpha and beta hives is that alpha hives get into the 4-6 year plan a year sooner?

Yes, one of them. Also the Apis costs/hive over the time, the shares generated in this time, and more :). If you are Alpha adopter you are X2 beta adopter and X3 gamma adopter .

I can still join the the premium account after the ico is finished ?

Yes you can … we will try to cover all the Apis in circulation with hives … that means that you can adopt any account type … but everyone must understand that from autumn, we won’t be able to deliver honey … we will pay only Apis untill next year … then we wil prepare the hives for winter.

What is the burn and airdrop plan for the next period?

(after the poll) Looks like we will burn 57% of unsold tokens after the sale ends, and 10% we will airdrop to Apis Token holders untill now.

If I buy 5 hives now, and in one year, buy 5 "initial" alpha hives from someone next year, I would move from basic to premium?

Correct. And next year, if you will buy 5 initial alpha hives, you will have 20 hives in total (the 5 that you will buy are coming with another 5 hives, from 2019).

What does “commissioning the “initial Clusters” proposed within the projected schedule and budget” mean, from https://apismellifera.io/apis-foundation, BDD part?

Comissioning is that part of work when everything is implemented and we need to see that all from checklist was done (this is commisioning the working site, when you take it from implementation and you deliver it for production).

Will you send USD or honey?

A1: Normally, for the Basic accounts, we will send the honey each month or at the set time with the owner of the adoption plan. For other plans, we will choose with the adoption owner, when the delivery will be done. In the same time, we will have some channels to sell the honey (and the rest of bee products) and, in the platform, we will have the option for the adopters, to sell directly the honey into our selling channels (on the platform , the prices will be in APIS Token).
A2: No USD involved. APIS is the functional token for this ecosystem under Waves platform.

Where is the location of BEE KEEPING?

One location is TURCENI – Gorj , another location is Hateg – Hunedoara (both in Romania). First one will be static cluster, second one we will develop pastoral cluster.

Can you give us some numbers for production?

The normal production depends on the weather, but, following our statistics, one healty bee family can produce at least 24 kg/year, maximum 70kg.

How do I get APIS token?

You have 3 options:
1. Buy from Waves Dex
2. If you have WCT in your wallet you will receive it free via airdrop and
3. Lease to our pool and win a prize in tokens and honey. (WCT = Waves community token).

The tokens can be unlocked, in case you want to sell them?

If you will have one hive, second year you will have 2 hives, third year you will have 3 hives (bee families). If you will want to unlock your tokens, you will loose this combination (the place in first colony), and, to have another Hive, you will need to wait the second release (next year).

How does the locked token work?

Tokens will be locked in the management platform, where you will have full access to manage your hive (general management directions) and also you will have different options: send products in 3rd lvl shop, storage, movement of the products, an inside market to trade between adopters: bee families, products.

What is your hard cap?

Hard cap around 1 mil (Soft cap 100.000 usd).

How long do you get a share of the honey production? as long as you hold the tokens?

Yes, because, in normal condition, the bee families are surviving from year to year, just to take care of them.

If I buy 30k tokens, are they directly related to a real existing hive? Or is it just like a representation of the share of the honey production of one hive?

A: Yes, is directly related to a real existing hive. You will have a console where you will have the option to manage (according with the apiary development directions), you can choose if you want that your family grow or produce more honey. In the platform you will have the option to control your production (if you want receive or you want to sell it in 3rd lvl shop domain – in APIS Token, or you will have the option to sell at our en-gros buyers). Also will be installed a CCTV streaming system and you will have the visibility to your Hive, you can put your advertise on your hive you will have the option to name your queen and much more
A: In order to adopt a family, you will first have to deposit the tokens in our platform.

Do you have any experienced beekeepers?

We have 2 experimented beekeepers, over 15 years experience with bees. Please see youtube link for more details on one of them (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8qYLA42O2XiLeeltbzNiwQ).

If you adopt 10 or more hives you get a 7 day visit at your hives ... who covers which costs?

You will be our guest here, for 7 days, everything covered, except the plain ticket. We will organize beekeeping trainings with diploma, and you will have full access to your hive, to learn from your bee families.

On your website, there is no option to register our new account. Why?

The website is still in development and it will be migrated to a new platform. We need to integrate the shop and the businesses opportunities and the first thing we care about is security and privacy.

What exactly is the difference between limited and unlimited platform access?

The limits are given by the adoption plan. Product diversity limitation, not movement or accessibility on the platform (please see differences between adoption plans).

When winter and autumn have come, do your honey farms still produce honey?

A1: No, over winter you will still get honey from summer production, every month you will have 1kg of honey/ hive.                                        A2: From august/september, if is a normal weather, we are not harvesting the honey because we need to let food inside the Hive, for winter season. Depending on the adopted plan: if you have a hive, you will receive 12 kg pure honey/year (if it’s not affected by another facts) , if you have 10 hives, you will receive half production, in the harvesting season.

What method do you use for sterilization?

The disinfection is done through the flame, and the hive is sterilized through the flame to eliminate parasites.

If the hive dies for any reason, what happens to the share we purchase?

A1: We will always have at lease 20% more hives for backup. The worst that can happen is to have some delays one month untill we replace it. And we will never have them all in one place. If the bees in one area dies for any reason we will replace them ASAP. Actually, the 20% of hive that we will keep for backup we will use to grow other families.

A2: The bee families life risks will be covered by insurances/risk management department. If a family will disapear (different risks), will be replaced as soon as possible, by APIS Team. The shares remain as in the plans with the comment that, if 50% shares from Premium adopters are less than 12 Kg, will be shared the minimum 1kg per month (reported in one calendaristic year).

Could we buy a design for the hive using apis token?

Any type of design can be discussed with our artist, Jurjoni Bogdan, and each model will have a price in APIS Token.

(After PreSale the prices will rise with 20%) What do you mean 20% more? Do you mean the price of the hive will increase by 20%?

A1: About the price inflation or 20% more. The price is reffering at the 01.05 exchange rate between btc/WAVES/Usdt (or USD). This initial price. The initial price was calculated in report with the costs to implement a hive in Apis business arhitecture, the costs to cover almost All known risks, the costs for innovations and implementation of them. Here, the value of Apis Token Will grow in time because we are bringing real products in a cryptoworld based on services, not production. As soon as we link real production with crypto, You Will see stability in prices, not depending only nu the btc/USD price… One long therm goal is that each Apis Token to guarrantee 1kg of honey – Tresory (more info after the sales). About the prices to adopt a hive for a period of one year with reward 1jar of honey costs between 400-1000 USD/ year. Both prices (our walls) are less and Will give You each year +1, honey for life, eco products and, after some years when You Will want to sell Your bee farm, You Will have the option to sell IT at the Apis Auction ( next year Will be implemented). It Will be like a game management ( grow Your farm), but with living creatures that need your attention and support, offering half of production (with the other half we Will try to cover All costa from the field), our goal Will be to grow the project as far is possible , counting with a powerful community involved directly (voting sistem) All the active adopters.

A2: The role of pre-ico is to determine the next projection of the arhitecture. We can’t offer hives to cover All Coin 2 reasons: liquidity and maximum Nr of hives determined by the formula from the tiers : max 40% of the founds Will be locked in first year, in the second Will be leess liquidity (where we estimate that we can start the tresory-covering come tokens with honey) , in year 3 we Will have liquidity as in first year ( Your token value is X3 only because of growth, we do not calculate the value of the rest of the business). If You are in the initial adopters, with Your buy (demonstrate that You are early investor) You Will be one of the ones that You Will have for sure Your hive in Alpha Colony.

Can you explain what is the difference between the prices in Pre-Sale and Sale?

When the Pre-Sale phase begins, APIS tokens will be available to purchase for aprox. USD $0.012 per token using APIS/Waves and APIS/BTC pairs (01.05.2018 exchange rates).
Main Sale phase will be live from 15 May 18, until 15 June 18. Token price will see a 20% increase (in Waves and BTC conversion) compared to the Pre-Sale (01.05.18 exchange rates).

Will there be any benefits for the old adopters if they will keep their hive? (additional to honey per month)

In Alpha colony (meaning first year of adoption) we will share per each hive: 1 hive + 1 bee family + 1 parcel (2m x 2m minimum).
On Beta colony and Gamma colony we will share per each hive from the Alpha colony (to all the hive adopters which kept their hive): 1 hive + 1 parcel (2m x 2m minimum).
For all the old adopters after each next year it will receive 1 hive + 1 parcel (2m x 2m minimum) and will have the option to adopt a new bee family.

Can you offer more details about bee population growth?

For example: if we succeed to growth the bee families, in the spring, with 33 % per total , 25% will be shared with Business Plan owners, 8% with Premium Plan adopters (not more than 15%). if the growth is 44% (cumulated, risk management cluster and the rest of apiaries will generate a growth rate), this will be shared as : 25% business adopters, 15% premium adopters, 4% basic adopters.

Are there any other perspective in the future for the APIS project? (I thought about orchids. Some are worth quite a lot.

We are thinking about some cultures, because we will need flowers for the bees and, combining the necessity of feeding the bees through year with some cultures that are expensive, we can generate another kind of raw materials (and, of course, another type of honey – for example lavander: perfumes industry and honey industry).

What is alpha hive vs beta hive?

Alpha hives is first year, beta is second and gamma is third!

Please explain another scenario

If I buy 5 alpha hives. After 1 year I will have 5 alpha and 5 beta hives.

If I buy 5 new beta hives, will I get a premium beta account plus basic alpha account?

A: If you buy 5 alpha hives, next year you will have 10 alpha hives (but, your account will be basic because, the innitial adopted hives was 5). So, in second year you have 10 hives, but, 5 are original ones and 5 are from architecture expanse – your account is still basic because of the initial hives adopted. To adopt 5 hives , next year, you will have the chance to adopt it from Beta colony (so, another adoption plan, with 20k/hive – this will cost you extra 100k APIS, next year), and, totally, you will have 15 hives (10 from Alpha colony and 5 Beta colony hives )

And if a premium investor decides to sell 10 hives in a year, the person buying will get a premium alpha account from those ten? If so, does the person selling still have a premium account from the ten hives they now have left over?

I will respond with an example : Adopter X have 55 hives initially . After one year, he has 110 hives, and decides to sell 10 hives. The situation is : 55 (initial) + 55 (architecture) – he will sell his colony adoption rights for 5 initial hives (totally will be 10). what is sold at the AUCTIONS is the initial place (with the rights from that point on). In this way, he will remain business adopter (50 initial hives remaining), and, the buyer will be an adopter with 5 initial rights (and 5 obtained in second year).

If Adopter X, having 55 hives, want to sell 6 initial rights (12 hives, in second year, 18 hives in third year), he will pass from Business account to Premium account (because, in total will remain with 49 initial rights).

APIS Account types

There are different types of APIS account. Here is a short description and sharing for each of them:
# Basic Accountt Premium Account Business Account
Honey Share 1kg/month 50% honey production, one type of honey 50% production share:Honey, wax, pollen, royal jelly, venom etc.
Voting System included included included
Apiculture Course + Diploma paid included included
Hives Visits none 1 / year 2 / year
Platform access limited access Managerial access Managerial access
Bee Growth Rate max 8% / year max 15% / year 25% min / year *
Pastoral Clusters not guaranteed not guaranteed earlier access
Luxury Honey Clusters not guaranteed not guaranteed earlier access
Wax no no yes
Pollen no no yes
Jelly Bee no yes yes
Bee Venom no no yes
Token Physical Emission not guaranteed promotional access earlier access
Raw Materials Tokens (Limited SALE) invitation invitation earlier access
Hives number Architecture +1 / year +1 / year +1 / year
Unlock APIS Tokens 10 k / year (year 2 and 3)–see details below 10 k / year (year 2 and 3)–see details below 10 k / year (year 2 and 3)–see details below

More details about (each one below is also a characteristic of each type of account already explained at the beginning of the article):

Voting system – Each 30k APIS Token (each hive) will be carrying 1 Vote (for 10 Hives adopted you will have 10 Votes);

Bee Growth Rate – If total growth rate = 42% => 25% – business adopters; 15% premium adopters; 2% basic ones. If rate = 53% => 30% – business; 15% premium; 8% basic accounts;

Pastoral Clusters – First pastoral cluster will offer a percent from pastoral hives, to be reserved (more quantity of honey), to each business adopter;

Luxury Honey Clusters – Manuka (1 kg > 100USD); Rhododendron Flower honey (Mad Honey – 250g >100 USD);

Token Physical Emission – Each physical token that will be emitted will have coverage in honey (specific amount). Each physical token emitted has a related cryptic token blocked forever (with the safety elements that correspond to each token, locked in the blockchain);

Raw Materials Tokens (Limited SALE) – after APIS will demonstrate its concept, our team will link more raw materials with crypto -> first step: viper venom – next year will start the pre-feasibility study & land product: lavender (lavender essence – perfumes/cosmetics);

Hives number Architecture

– after year 3, each Hive from first adopter phase (that have now 1 hive + 1 hive second year + 1 hive third year) will be the First hive in a new colony with growth rate +1 / year for the next period, year 4 – year 6;

– 1st year APIS will share 1 hive (box) + 1 parcel (2m x 2m) + 1 Bee family. From the 2nd year APIS will share 1 hive (box) + 1 parcel (2m x 2m). The adopter will have the option to exchange APIS token for 1 new bee family.

Unlock APIS Tokens

– only in the first 3 years. In the years 4 to 6 the 10k APIS Tokens blocked will be split in 3: 3333/each hive that will be the starter in a new colony -> in year 6: 3333 APIS Token will worth 3 Hives;

– starting from year 4, 10k APIS will remain blocked.