The vision of Thehoneyhey

Our philosophy is simple. Save the bees, save the world. We already started in 2018 and now we are scaling it to 5800 Hives. Using an affiliation system and partnerships all over the world, we are multiplying the number of bees we take into care and we are keeping the record using the new blockchain architecture with the use of HEY token that we created on Ethereum network:

New architecture for our Crowd-farm bee operation, on Ethereum blockchain:

The 2018 Alpha adopter receives 3600 HEY tokens per hive for stacking.

The 2018 to Beta adopter receives 2400 HEY tokens per hive for stacking.

This is a total of 3,732,000.00 HEY tokens distributed to our initial adopters. The unlocking procedure for Alpha adopters will be projected from the BeeHive token on Waves blockchain to the new HEY token on Ethereum blockchain. This means that initial adopters will receive the HEY token (Ethereum) instead of the old one (Waves).

Example1: John has adopted one hive as an initial Alpha Colony adopter. Now he will receive 3600 HEY tokens.

Example2: John has adopterd one hive as an initial Beta Colony adopter.  Now he will receive 2400 HEY tokens.

The public price for other HEY tokens is now decided at 0.1USD/HEY, for further adopters.

Alpha and Beta adopters will use the HEY token as well as all other token holders, starting from 1st of October until 14th of October. After 14th of October the swap period ends.

The Beehive and Hives tokens on Waves platform remain tradable until are used for swap with HEY tokens in our new architecture. All Beehive tokens received for swap will be burned.

The swap price is frozen now at 0.000595usd/BeeHive. This translates into 1HEY = 168BeeHive.

Our hive adopters will be compensated in the new architecture with HEY tokens.

            Special offer and extra advantage for initial adopters:

As another advantage we give the chance for initial adopters to have priority and contribute to the scaling of our project two weeks in advance before others! This means that if you are an initial adopter you can contribute with priority between 1st of October and 14th of October. This two-week period is reserved only for you and we won’t accept any other contribution besides initial adopters. The first 500Hives this period are not calculated at 0.1usd/HEY. The first 500Hives this two-week period are calculated at a very special discount, 0.04usd/HEY. After this period ends, we’ll be working with people, companies and organizations to reach the scaling target of 5800 Hives.

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