2018 Q3

-Phase3 : -Finalize the Apiaries from the Alpha colony (first 2 clusters).
-Prepare warehouse/storage location.

-Define Alpha Colony elements (APIS Year, Locking process, Smart Contracts)

-Start of Alpha Colony Adoption Locking Process.
-Finalize online store, start working at trading Platform.
APIS Foundation 
-Start populate the Risk Management Cluster (20% of initial Alpha Colony).
-Preparing the Bee Families for winter hibernation.

2018 Q4

-Start Honey Delivery Process for initial Adopters .

-Phase4: -Close Alpha Colony Adoption (2018) and prepare the requirements for hives implementation (spring 2019).

-Smart Assets/Smart Contracts – work ongoing.

-Release new website.
-Release Platform – basic functionality.
APIS Foundation 
-Start the Donation module.

2019 Q1


 -Start the field implementation of the Alpha Virtual Hives.

-Preparing the adoption process of Beta colony. Identifying the  

-requested resources and release a limited number of Beta Colony Hives for Adoption. 

-Define and implement the contractual relation between honey shares and Alpha Colony Adopters.

-Define further commercial relationships.

-FedEx/TNT – delivery partner.
-Improvement of Platform and extend his functionalities.

-Third level domain online store for Alpha colony Adopters.

-Auction module implementation – passing Alpha Colony hives rights.

2019 Q2

-Start Honey Delivery Process for specific quarter.

-Finalize Alpha Colony hives implementation – APIS Year 1.

-Preparing Beta Colony implementation and Alpha Colony hives implementation – APIS Year 2.
-Fully functional Storage/Trading Platform.

2019 Q3

-Finalize the first batch of hives from Beta Colony.
-Unlocking percent of tokens for Alpha colony adopters.

-Start of APIS Year 2 (allocate +1 hive for Alpha Colony Adopters).
-Integrate another products in the Platform, create the economic links between different products.

2019 Q4

-Prepare the 2020 stages of the Alpha and Beta colonies, identifying the required resources and defining the next period of  hives implementation.

-New products released, extra utilities released.