Rebranding APIS TOKEN –  Token. Swap Process

Following the future requirements of APIS BeeHive Project, we will rebrand our tokens used in the defined processes, as below:

– APIS Token will become BeeHive.

– APIS Mellifera will become HIVES (role defines the total numbers of hives that are adopted also to facilitate an easy way to pass the hives rights between adopters).

Rebranding process:

The swapping process will be simple, for each APIS Token and APIS Mellifera token received back respectively, we will return the same amount of the new tokens: BeeHive token and Hives token. The swapping process will be open from the start of February till the final of July. All old tokens received in swapping wallet will be burned and replaced with the new tokens (the total amount of new tokens released on the market plus total old tokens remained – the same amount of total supply).

Swapping wallet : 3PJN9VuC59mHvkjSSWyqwQBJjgDaE6TvYzz

Locked amount of APIS Token will be swapped automatically with the same BeeHive amount, next payments will be done in BeeHive token.

In the swapping period, both tokens (the APIS Token, and the new one, BeeHive) will be available to be used.

BeeHive Token ID: FhoLSU4ws6sqdBTgE6nevLgzDG3foRSiSmyevTb8PWQw

Hives Token ID: 2yB8UXQPe7ufGoGgXMRzQkKehoVdnjtQmSQQSQipJk6b

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