Why TheHoneyHey expansion?

Counting that the bees are a crucial group of animals, vital for humans and for our environment, with the project expansion TheHoneyHEY, we are making a step forward in our mission to connect bees, beekeepers, adopters and sponsors all over the world.

Thehoneyhey expansion project, scaling previous architecture, is targeting to bring into the adoption system, new 5000 physical hives, located in Balcanic area: Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece. The hives that will be added in Thehoneyhey project through beekeeping affiliate system, offering diversity, minimizing the risk of bee extinction.

TheHoneyHEY – new architecture of expansion:

Total market cap: 29.000.000 HEY tokens where:

– 4.000.000 HEY are allocated to cover initial architecture (alpha and beta);

– 2.500.000 HEY are allocated for a private offering to initial adopters: the register into the whitelist can be done HERE . If remaining unsold token, will be offered to others.

– 22.500.000 HEY are allocated for new architecture of adoption and will be offered through: private offerings, public IEO or others offering methods at the fixed price of 0.1USD/token.

The initial architecture of the project (BeeHive) will be projected into the new architecture, keeping all initial rights (as development and multiplication of bee families). As we presented in a previous article, the projection of initial adoption structure will require a swap of the old tokens with the new one: BeeHive token and Hives token will be replaced by HEY token (last one governing Thehoneyhey tokenomics).

Swap process between waves and ethereum blockchains:


Initial adopters will need to send their Beehive tokens and Hives tokens into the swap address : 3PA88jrJxNYmUDZ4NkCHYdpb4b694ATo54M . IMPORTANT: Each transfer will need to contain, in the description of the transfer, the new ethereum wallet address of each adopter. This wallet will be the adopter ethereum wallet be used for stacking system.

Step2: As a second confirmation of the Ethereum wallet, we will ask you to add it into your platform accounts.

Step3: Before the HEY token sending process will start, we will confirm, again, with each adopter, their access to the declared wallet.

Swap period is open between 01.10.2019 and 14.10.2019 (joining into ThehoneyHEY environment, receiving hives allocation) , however, any initial adopter that didn’t succeed to swap his tokens in this period can contact our team to proceed with his swap until the end of the year 2019.

Initial adopters are invited to participate at the new expanse, registering to the whitelist in the period 01.10.2019 – 14.10.2019.

*  This two-week period is reserved only for you and we won’t accept any other contribution besides initial adopters.