Joining worldwide efforts for saving the bees.

Our project will join the worldwide Bees survival work, opening new ways of connections between bee’s worldwide supporters, beekeepers over the world and different bee species that need our intervention for conservation.

TheHoneyHEY project expanse architecture will provide different adoption plans for the bees, (different than the initial development architecture), where each person can receive fruits of being carefully with the bees through donation participation, that will be rewarded with an adoption certificate for a hive.

TheHoneyHEY project scaling will be sustained by the affiliate beekeeping service; the expansion will reunite bee families from Romania, Serbia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Greece. Through this expansion, main topics that are chasing:

– A large diversity of honey types and other raw products;

– Bee species diversity;

– Diversity of beekeeping work frames;

– Cumulate various patterns, different beekeeping work frames, bees behaviors by area, etc.;

– Minimize risks;

– Connect beekeepers, bees and adopters, in a win-win-win relationship and many more.

TheHoneyHey Adoption architecture and BeeHive architecture.

The future Adoption architecture proposes a fixed amount of 5000 HEY tokens to be stacked for an adopted hive, providing rewards of 1kg of honey/month. However, initial adopters will have a reduced stacking amount, described below (on stacking system explanations).

For the initial architecture, were allocated 4.000.000 HEY token, projecting the participation of initial adopters into the new path of development. The initial rights and obligations between parts involved, which were defined in the course of the first year (Beehive Project), are also extended for initial adopters:

– the multiplication factor – same structure,

– the unlocking system – replaced by a stacking system.

Multiplication architecture.

As the Alpha architecture pass in year 2, each part need to prepare the necessary things for +1 implementation (that will be started in spring, avoiding risk over the winter, having time to prepare the requirements): each alpha adopter is invited to contribute for the hives multiplication as per: 55 USD for each alpha multiplication factor.

The waves wallet address to contribute at the multiplication factor : 3PK9ACTCS9CyYGzTmA92At5572szmU7775z -> address for payments in BeeHive or BTC.

The USDT address to contribute for second year bee family is : 3E7eWZW2p1JNbwhHWeGCs54c1bgUe4RAC8 .

If the contribution is made in Tether USD , please send the amount with a message that will include your Alpha Adopter waves wallet (for identification of the contribution – relating with your alpha account).

As per article published in, the multiplication factor, in Beehive contribution, will be calculated at 0.000595USD/Beehive -> fix amount to cover the contribution: 55 USD = 92436,975 BeeHive .

Staking system – a conscious adoption system.

Adoption Stacking system – is the “locking/leasing” system where each adopter will control his HEY amount (having no restriction on their HEY tokens amount), with responsibility, and will need to accomplish the stacking requirements to keep adoption alive -> if minimum amount required is not available, the initial adoption rights will be lost, considering the action to be an Abandon of Bee family, and, to adopt again, another family, need to chose a new adoption plan from the new architecture.

For initial adopters, the stacking system will have 2 respectively 3 stacking stages:

– Alpha Adopters : 2019-2020 -> min 2400 HEY tokens, per initial bee family adopted, to be stacked into eth wallet; from October 2020 -> min 1200 HEY tokens per initial bee family.

– Beta Adopters: 2019-2020 -> min 2400 HEY; 2020-2021 -> min 1800 HEY; from October 2021-> min 1200 HEY per initial bee family.

For new adopters, stacking system will have also 2 stages (types of adoption):

– Real Hives adopted : 5000 HEY tokens stacked;

– Virtual Hives adopted: 3500 HEY tokens stacked.

The swap Process.

Waves wallet for swap waves tokens with Ethereum tokens: 3PA88jrJxNYmUDZ4NkCHYdpb4b694ATo54M

As already announced, initial architecture of project will be moved, from Waves blockchain to Ethereum blockchain as: BeeHive token and Hives token will be swapped with HEY token -> (

Alpha adopter receives 3600 HEY tokens per Hives token swapped.

Beta adopter receives 2400 HEY tokens per Hives token swapped.

The swap price for BeeHive was frozen at 0.000595usd/BeeHive (28.09.2019) . This translates into 1HEY = 168BeeHive.

Beta Colony adoption – closing date and swap procedure.

At 19.10.2019 we will close Beta Colony adoption locking process. This action will be followed by adoption confirmation – will be sent a Hives token for each confirmed adoption, after received, Beta Colony adopters will need to send it back to the SWAP Wallet with message: Beta “eth wallet”.

Special offer and extra advantage for initial adopters:

As another advantage, we give the chance for initial adopters to have priority and contribute to the scaling of our project in advance before others! This means that if you are an initial adopter you can contribute with priority between 1 October and 14 October. As we received many requests from many people, we extended the period until 31 October. This limited offer is reserved only for 2018l adopters and we won’t accept any other contribution until the end of the extension, 31 October 2019. 500Hives are available that constitute this offer conditions, and was calculated at a very special discount, 0.04usd/HEY. Every unsold token from this early stage will be offered ot others. After this period ends, we’ll be working with people, companies and organizations to reach the scaling target of 5800 Hives.

Register here to our whitelist form.

Thank you,

Ciprian Farcas.