This is not a competition.

It is humanitarian, everybody can get involved. There are some bees adopting projects in the online world, not on blockchain sphere altho. And we think we can do way of a better job than any of these somehow similar operations with the one that we are building now.


No thinking of competition in adopting and saving bees.


No thinking of competition in applying blockchain to real use in our reality.


We NEED to do this.


Competition is with mother nature, we need to keep up with the changes, it is an imperative subject to consider for the perpetuation of our species.


Competition could exist between APIS Token and other tokens. Our leverage is our business. The token is one of its kind. It is a bees adoption token.


The technology we are using and developing, the hard working team and the phenomenal supporting community is our strength and source of energy. We are blessed to have all these supporters.


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